10 Sep

Whirling 360 Degree Spiky Surprise

Within a short tenure the newly launched 360 Degree has become the talk of the ‘free-to-play” android gaming market. With such simple and intuitive functionality, it yet has managed to rise above many sophisticated and well reputed android games. Having over million downloads up to date, it is still trending upscale with its scorching hot performance which is retaining the interest of the gamers. This phenomenal seat warming sensation has over 1000 reviews till date. In a jiff of 20 days over 7000 people has rated this game out of which a clear-cut 5 pointer has been gifted by over 4000 people. 

A game of such zeal manoeuvres and tests your accuracy, reflex action and reaction time. Utilizing the touch screen facility its whirling wheel can easily be controlled by tapping left and right. Steering the wheel would enable the bouncing ball a safe touchdown. A minute mistake of landing upon those notorious spikes which keeps appearing and disappearing with in a twinkling of an eye could cost your single life. So you have to be really vigilant or else be ready to be booted back to square one. 

Game features:

– Tap left or right to rotate the circle 360 degrees

– Collect the diamonds to gain points

– Test your reaction time and reflexes

– Simple, intuitive functionality

– Colourful interactive design

– Addictive and fast paced

– Easily share your score and compete with your friends via Facebook, Tweeter and other social media. 

Over its simple gaming features, it has a very low storage consumption and can be played in offline mode i.e. portable devices having no access to data or Wi-Fi can play it at ease. It merely deducts a minute percentage from your battery life. It is also easily downloadable from Google Playstore and App Store.

This game can easily be squeezed in your hectic schedule and be played when you press on your break mode. Game of such a kind is indeed a real time killer. It would eliminate all your boredom and fill you in with fun and frolic. 

Honestly, if you think we have missed out any of its special features that shouldn’t go unnoticed please feel free to contact us. We would be glad to make an add-on to the list of such excitement.

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