23 Jan

Vanish Update and the Power Balls!

The Mascoteers team has just released an update of their game – Vanish. They have added all their new features in the game including fortune wheel and exciting sound effects.The graphical update and visual effects of the game has totally changed the outlook of gameplay. They have also added an interactive tutorial this time to help our users find the right track of gameplay. Moreover, they have introduced 3 different kinds of balls in this update.


The first kind of ball is basically a shield ball. Hitting this ball will create a shielded barricade just above the water level. Thus, this ball can save you once if you accidentally fail to save any ball from hitting the ground.

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The second kind of ball will be your help too. Hitting this ball will destroy all the existing ball in the screen automatically. Therefore, if you get this ball luckily, never miss the chance of hitting it and enjoy the super power of this ball.






The third and last type of ball is not a power up ball sadly. The white ball surrounded by a black border is surely going to give you a hard time. The other balls can be vanished out by hitting it once. To destroy this ball you have to hit once for the black border and the second time for the ball inside. Therefore, if you are happy seeing this ball and hoping for a privilege, stop doing and start tapping faster to deal with it.





These were the new three kinds of balls introduced in this new update. Hopefully, this post will help you sort out their actions, privileges and tactics. Now, start playing and don’t forget to share your feedback on the new update.

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