10 Jan

Volkan – Tips to ace the latest VR game!

The first VR game by The Mascoteers is available in the oculus store. Volkan – is bound to give you the experience of being in a world that is surrounded by volcanic atmosphere.  VR games are different from the usual mobile games in terms of controls and playing format.




If anyone feels troubled while playing Volkan, these tips below can surely help them:


  1. Touch on the control pad to jump and move your head to change the direction. It might take time, but getting a proper grip on this two action will make the journey longer and fun. Keep going – that’s the motto of the game. As Volkan is a never ending game, you can do your best only by surviving for as long as you can. The longer you can play, the better your score will be.
  2. It is really important to be careful and cautious about your surroundings. Pin point attention is the key to survive this challenging game. A split second distraction of mind can cause a game over.
  3. Be tactful while passing different kinds of obstacles. For example, while jumping from one hanging bridge to another, wait till both of the bridges are aligned or about to be aligned. For disc saws and wind mills, tap on the control pad faster and change your direction promptly by turning your head to a safe path far from those obstacles.


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If you play the game a couple of times, you will get the rhythm and find out your own playing style. So, even if you fail the survival, keep trying till you learn it. Last but not the least, have fun and explore. VR (Virtual Reality) is all about experiencing a different world. Move your head, look around, and get the feel of surviving a volcanic area. Having fun is the best way to keep up with this challenging path of Volkan.

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