26 Nov

Swiperoo – Necessary instruction to be a top scorer !

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Below information will make you more familiar about Swiperoo & its features

Swiperoo is all about controlling the time and swipe. You can say it’s a win over time game. Basic Concept is you have to swipe the cube to up, down, left and right to rotate and flip the cube through space. It will always tempt you to fall in its booby traps and let you to start the game from beginning.

Few cryptic magic of Swiperoo :

These abracadabra will gradually take you to the top of the leaderboard. However you can share your score through social sites like Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus and Instagram and challenge your friend.

  1. Spend at least 5 minutes in the tutorial before starting the game and get the proper guidance to play swiperoo accurately.
  2. Secondly watch the arrows carefully where its directions are as your moto is to swipe against its direction.
  3. Till you come to this point you probably have learnt its rules to play.
  4. Don’t make any sudden move, watch the directions of arrow and then swipe, sudden moves certainly lead to a wrong direction.
  5. While playing you will see a time tickling on the top, so keep an eye on the time and prevent errors as much as you can
  6. Stay alert as once you begin to score higher and higher, the cube will have less flipping time and you have to make your reaction time count.
  7. Keep your full attention towards the arrows, as often it will show all the four directions of the cube where you have pass the time over without swiping to flip the cube.

Try to clasp these instructions properly and implement it in your game. Once you nail down these steps you will be a pro of Swiperoo.

So download it and start swipping.

Have Fun.

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