09 Apr

Sneaky – Tips and Tricks!

Sneaky is the latest sneaking game by The Mascoteers. This game is more of a direction game than a tapping game. You have to sneak through the maze of walls and obstacles. There will be some power ups to help you though.


Here are some tips that you can follow to reach the leaderboard top-

  • Try to keep the character in the lower part of the screen, so that you can easily move it time to time for saving it from hitting the walls.
  • Always take the power up bullets and shield, without them it will be hard to do well in this game.

sneaky-5    sneaky-3

  • This game will challenge not only your tapping speed, but also your direction skill. Therefore, watch your direction to reach your best.
  • Find out your playing style and your favourite characters. This affects your performance too.

sneaky-2 sneaky-1

  • Last but not the least, have fun and play for your pleasure only. In no time, you will find yourself scoring in 100’s, because the game is that good! So, have fun and good luck!


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