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Quick tips that will help you improve your high score in Seesaw


Released in June, The Mascoteers‘  Seesaw is very original and challenging too, making for an addictive, play-anywhere game that you’re likely to develop a love-hate relationship with the more you play. There’ll be times when it frustrates you and other times where getting high scores is very rewarding. Overall it’s a lot of fun for all ages!

The concept is set around a basic seesaw, with two yellow characters sitting on either side of it. As the weight is transferred from side to the other, these creatures are flung into the air and to collect candy, which lies slightly below dangerous spikes. If you’ve played the game, you’ll know that it’s all about managing the weight distribution correctly by speeding and slowing the movements of the characters on either side.

There are some things you can do strategy-wise to give yourself the biggest chance of continued success. Here’s a few things that may help you out in the early going:

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1. Have your characters hit the plank with force

Given that you can always slow your character down if they spring off the plank with excessive speed, it makes sense to keep things moving fast rather than slow. If you slow things down too much, you run the risk of not having enough to reach the candy. Whereas if you are moving too quickly, jam on the breaks and you should be fine. Of course, this depends on the particulars of the situation but as a general rule it can be helpful.

2. Train yourself to always notice where the spikes are at

One thing that you may not think about is that the position of the candy is not completely relevant; what’s relevant is where the spikes are. If the peak of you character’s jump is consistently a finger under the bottom of the spikes, you’re going to be in good shape. You’ll notice that the adjacent spike will always move while the camera is following the character on the other side, so make a mental note of its position when this happens and adjust accordingly. as you progress and the spikes and candy moves higher and higher, this becomes even more important.

3. Be weary of tricks the game uses to trip you up

A common way of being beat by the game is to drastically change when both spikes/candies are very quickly. In the early phases, things start low and progressively get higher and higher. But don’t be surprised if the spikes fall together very quickly, making it difficult to slow down in time. This can happen vice versa as well where you are cruising at low speeds and then you see that the candy is twice as high in an instance.

4. Don’t get too carried away collecting rubies

There is something in all of use that wants to collect things, especially in games. But in the case of the rubies, which usually sit just below the spikes, the risk far outweighs the reward. The rubies are used to buy things in the store and unlock levels, but they are set to be more relevant in coming editions of the game. So worry about getting a great score for now!

5. Always try to beat your average

It pays to keep an eye on your statistics as you play, as this can help you improve. The game will track your total and average scores, which are a benchmark to improve from. If you aim to get a better score than your average every time, you’ll be on the road to improvement.

6. Practice, practice practice

There are ways you can improve your chances are pulling in big scores, but a lot of your success is going to come down to feel and experience. Once you start playing and practicing more, you’ll notice that you develop a sense of how quickly you want you characters hitting the seesaw for that perfect lift on the other side. The best, most experienced players may not even think about the things discussed in this article because they’re like second nature after so many plays. Stick with Seesaw and you’ll get to that point.

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