21 Sep

Quick Tips- How to Find it quick in Find Me!

Find Me! – The latest addition to the Mascoteers’ games which you can find it in Google Play and App Store. As the name suggests, the main idea of the game is to find something. In this case, you have to find a specific number from a collection of numbers. Moreover, you will have only one chance and a certain time limit.
Though the game is very simple, we are still giving some tips for our fans. If you are failing to score higher, please follow these:

1. We have kept the game very simple. if you are a starter, you can check the rows sequentially. Check the options of first row first, then second, and then the rows below them. If you follow this sequential rule, you are bound to ace the game in your first few times.

5 findme-5

2. Eventually the game becomes harder, and the right options decreases in number. In that case, keep following the sequential rule, but do it faster. You should ‘scheme’ more when you have scored higher and you will realize the options are decreasing. By scheming we meant,  just go through the row in a glimpse, instead of reading out all the options in your brain.


3. Connect to your friends to challenge them in Facebook through this game. Competitions can make you score higher.

This fast pace game, designed for anyone 3+. Usually the arcade games are fun oriented, but this game does not only give you immense pleasure of scoring, but also increases the activity of your memory cells. We highly recommend it for kids. By playing the game, they can be more attentive and cautious.

We hope our tips will guide you to achieve a highest score.

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