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10 June 2016



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Newly released, Seesaw is a points-based puzzle game that tests your speed, finesse and timing like no other title in the Mascoteers ever-expanding catalogue! Already heralded as a real challenge for gamers of all ages, Seesaw requires patience and trial and error to learn the various nuances that the game presents. Tapping timing and control is of huge importance and a skill that is developed after numerous plays. True to the name, the action centers around a seesaw on which two characters are sitting. When the center of balance shifts, the character on one side is flung up into the air where stars (which translate to points) can be collected. The aim is to hold and release at the right moment, such that when the character lands the force sends the character on the other side into the air high enough to collect the star, but not so high that he hits the spikes above. Check it out by downloading for free now!


Having taken some months since our last release, The Mascoteers team had been exploring the idea of a game in which timing and balance were the order of the day and the concept of the seesaw was put forward. The balancing-act gameplay opens up a lot of different situations for gamers to navigate there way out of and it makes for a real challenge that is sure to keep people hooked!


  • Original, addictive concept
  • Challenging and long-lasting gamplay
  • Combines good timing and finger tapping skill
  • Share your score via social media
  • Available for free!


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The Mascoteers allows for the contents of Seesaw to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Seesaw is legally and explicitly allowed by The Mascoteers.

About Mascoteers

Boilerplate The Mascoteers are a collection of indie game developers from WebAlive, a Melbourne based digital agency who have years of experience in the industry. Our team of incredible developers love to create new and interesting games. Often finding that the simplest concepts make for the best, most addictive game play.

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