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22th February 2016



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Our newest, enthralling and hyper addictive release is Enclose, providing more of the crazy puzzle madness that you’ve come to expect from our line of apps! Picking up from where the widely downloaded 360 Degree left off, Enclose looks and feels similar to the first title, but at the same time plays totally different. It takes a fresh approach and introduces fun new ideas to the existing, timeless concept, with additional wrinkles to keep fans of the first installment on their toes. The action is set inside the boundaries of a shape within which a ball is enclosed. The aim of the game is to keep the ball inside this shape (whether the shape by a rectangle, triangle, etc.) by turning your screen and spinning the shape around the ball, dodging obstacles and causing the ball to contact certain parts of the boundary. The tricky part is that you need to make sure the ball bounces off all sides of the shape, otherwise you risk losing parts of it, which makes it even harder to keep the ball in play!


Enclose has been in development for three months as the spiritual successor to 360 Degree, which today still stands as one of The Mascoteers most best performing applications on both iOS and Android devices. Even after completion of the original, the development team felt that the concept hadn’t reached its potential, and more could be done with this idea to entertain gamers. Rather than start over, we intentionally put the action of Enclose in a similar environment visually, as well as incorporating the same game physics that fans of 360 Degree have become used to. We’re very pleased with the result and believe Enclose might even be more fun!


  • Continuous action from the second you start the game
  • Multiple levels to be unlocked, each with their own shape
  • Appeals to fans of 360 Degree and newcomers alike
  • Starts slow but ramps up very quickly!
  • Appropriate for all ages


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About Mascoteers

Australian game developer and publisher The Mascoteers are a team of talented, dedicated, creative individuals based in Melbourne and Dhaka with outstanding skills in developing innovative concepts, stunning designs and clever development.

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