The Mascoteers
Based in Melbourne, Australia

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Jan 31, 2017



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Set in a 2D maze environment, the player taps to rotate the sides of a long stick object, which propels it around the map around various objects. The aim of Dotzy is to search out other sticks in the level and neutralise them by making contact with either side of them. Doing so before the time runs out progresses you to the next level and the difficulty level rises every time you progress! It’s all about finding a good rhythm and using your time wisely. Rushing through every stage is rarely going to be a good strategy as you’re bound to make a mistake, but with time you’ll get faster and advance to the higher stages!


The Macoteers’ have recently being looking at creating unique, surreal settings and world’s for gamers to explore. While Dotzy is a puzzle game, we were wanting to use graphics and a physics system that suited the gameplay. In this case, finding the right fit took 2-3 months, but we feel that the graphics and the physics system are certainly memorable and fit the mood of the gameplay.


  • Free to download and play!
  • Collect stars through the levels to buy upgrades in the Dotzy store
  • Can be played by young and old
  • Original and unique concept
  • Fun, colourful graphics
  • Numerous levels that increase in difficulty


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Monetization Permission

The Mascoteers allows for the contents of Dotzy to be published through video broadcasting services for any commercial or non-commercial purposes. Monetization of videos created containing assets from Dotzy is legally and explicitly allowed by The Mascoteers.

About Mascoteers

Boilerplate The Mascoteers are a collection of indie game developers from WebAlive, a Melbourne based digital agency who have years of experience in the industry. Our team of incredible developers love to create new and interesting games. Often finding that the simplest concepts make for the best, most addictive game play.

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