The Mascoteers
Based in Melbourne, Australia

Release date:
1st November 2015



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The aim of the game sounds fairly straightforward - you just have block a ball from hitting the bottom boundary of the screen and collect as many gems as you can in the process. If the ball makes it past your defences, it’s game over. Things ramp up pretty quickly and before you know it you’re going almost completely on instinct. To add to excitement, the number of gems you collect also has a bearing on your game. As you pick up more and more, new levels open up to play, each presenting new challenges and puzzles to solve. So you might master the first level but there’s plenty more after that.


Following the release of the hugely popular 360 degree, Block the Ball is a further evolution of the classic arcade gameplay our fans know and love. This game is yet another fun, addictive app that will have you hooked on sight. Block the Ball is another release from developer The Mascoteers, that has found its niche in developing addictive physics-based games that require equal parts quick reflexes, patience and finesse. Block the Ball is no different – young and old are sure to love the simple, colourful graphics, intuitive gameplay and addictive action, keeping everyone coming back time and time again.


  • Tap to slide your paddle from right to left
  • Collect the gems to gain points
  • Redeem your gems for different balls
  • Challenge your reaction time and reflexes
  • Simple, sleek functionality
  • Eye-catching interactive design
  • Addictive, fun fast paced gameplay


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About Mascoteers

Australian game developer and publisher The Mascoteers are a team of talented, dedicated, creative individuals based in Melbourne and Dhaka with outstanding skills in developing innovative concepts, stunning designs and clever development.

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