13 Feb

Nail It – Nail the New Modes!

Nail It – the fast-paced hammer game, has recently introduced 3 new modes.  Now you will get to break the bottles and bulbs too along with smashing the classic nails.

The hammer will move down in the same way in the new two modes: Bottle and Bulb. You will have to tap at the right time to break the bottles or bulbs. These two modes are basically same as the classic mode, just with bottles and bulbs instead of nails.


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The other new mode is quite different from the others. Whack mode of Nail It will remind you of the popular arcade redemption game Whack-a-mole! However, instead of moles, bottles or bulbs will pop up in this mode. You have to tap, just when the bottles or bulbs pop up from the holes of the moving wood. With this mode, the team wanted to give the flavour of one of the most popular arcade games and they did really well, undoubtedly.



After the release, Nail It became a fan-favourite and everyone loved it. With the addition of the new modes and gameplay improvement, they are going to fall for it even more!

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