16 Oct

Get Boomed with MineBoom! – Tips & Tricks

The Mascoteers has just released their new game “MineBoom” and if you are someone who is willing to do score more than 50 or in 100’s, this blog is for you.

This game is quite easy and quick to learn. However, it will take days to master this game. Avoiding the mines and collecting rubies might seem easy for first few seconds, but with increasing number and challenging positions of the mines, the game becomes harder. We will provide you some tips and tricks to help you achieve a great score and lots of rubies.

Tips & Tricks

• First of all, play the game for a decent number of times and get used to with the direction, speed and mines.

• This game is half-sister of 360 Degree, but auto rotates in one direction – to the right only. Therefore, do not tap if you want to rotate right, because it automatically rotates to right. Tap only when you want to rotate the circle to left direction.

• Avoid the mines, but if possible play your best to collect the shields. Do not rush to collect the shield, and die pathetically. Usually the shields stays for few seconds for you, and will keep reappearing from time to time. Be calm, and play focusing on the mines, shields, and direction.


These are some tips for you to score your best, which will reign the Leaderboard chart. So, keep playing MineBoom, challenge you friends on Facebook, and send them gift rubies to help them.

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