06 Apr

The Mascoteers Launches New Breed of Simplified Gaming App on the Google Play Store

Stairway, the exciting new gaming app that redefines simplicity has been launched on the Google Play Store to give eager mobile gamers the chance to while away the hours in a new and additive way. The latest in a series of simplified games by our team, Stairway attempts to tap into the very core of addictive games by simplifying the game mechanics down to a few easy motions for single-handed gameplay.

Featuring bright and colourful visuals, the graphical direction of the game takes into account a common trend in simple arcade games by giving the game a retro look with a modern twist. Stairway features a pseudo 3D environment with crisp and clear visuals that make it stand out in the crowd, as well as making it easy on the eyes for extended gameplay sessions.



The core of Stairway is in its gameplay mechanics which revolve around getting a spherical ball down a series of ever-crowded and increasingly complex set of stairs. With each level comes a more difficult route to navigate down as players will have to avoid a number of different objects in their path.

The real difficulty found within Stairway, and the game mechanic which keeps you coming back to play is in trying to keep the ball on the stairway itself, as falling, hitting objects and bad timing will see you restart the game from scratch. Starting over again makes the user even more incentivised to try and try again for that new high score!

With such simplistic gaming thanks to a single-tap to rotate the stairway, no intricate controls or instructions are needed to fully enjoy the gaming experience. The further you progress in the game, the more difficult the route will be thanks to changing number of steps as well as a varying number of obstacles.

We are constantly looking to push such games to gamers who love simple controls, colourful graphics and hard core gaming playability that every mobile gamer is looking for. For this reason we have positioned Stairway on the Google Play Store within the arcade game genre.

Stairway is a free app to play and enjoy that also incorporates a number of in-app purchases to aid the user in their personal enjoyment of the game. A range of options are available to upgrade your ball, as well as advertising removal to get players into the action even faster. The game uses a popular method of allowing in-game purchases be made with tokens earned by watching a short advert for another game or app available on the Google Play Store.

Stairway also offers full integration with the Google Play Games application that allows gamers to share their high scores with friends and family in a number of different ways, allowing more mobile gamers to be aware of the addictive nature that The Mascoteers create.

Stairway is doing a great job of offering gamers a pick-up-and-play game mechanic that allows the user to see progress in their game with every play. With an addictive playing style, mobile gamers are able to take advantage of the simplicity that Stairway offers and may introduce new gamers into the world of simplified playability on their mobile devices.

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