16 Mar

Latest-release Enclose is the Perfect Amount of Challenging Game

Already available in Google Play and soon to make its Apple Store release, Enclose – is the new addition to our expanding library of The Mascoteers’ apps that we have been working towards for a number of months. Like most of our apps, Enclose is a fast-paced, addictive fun game that doesn’t require any large commitment and can be picked up and played anywhere.

Enclose is clearly the pick of the bunch among other games by The Mascoteers which have appeared in the App Store’s Top Free Apps list. It combines everything that a ‘anywhere/anytime app’ should be; it’s fast, it’s addictive, it’s slightly frustrating and it’s original – making it one of the better time killers going around.

Using near-identical graphics and a similar layout to a previous title that generated a lot of buzz in 360 Degree, which had players rotate a shape in such a way that the ball bouncing around inside it avoided various hazards. This this time around the goal of the game is more fluid and provides much longer-lasting gameplay. Players keep the ball inside the shape by rotating it to miss gaps and making contact with every outer wall every few seconds to avoid creating bigger gaps. Like many original concepts, it’s difficult to grasp the concept without actually playing; but what we can promise you is that it takes a bit of getting used to.



Indeed, an important consideration for developers of these kinds of apps is how challenging the gameplay should be. Games with highly complex storylines, invigorating and more diverse gameplay and less predictability can keep players entertained despite making the mistake of being far too difficult or too easy. However when you’re talking about a game in this class, with repetitive gameplay that challenges you to do the same thing over and over and ‘stay in the game‘, if you will, difficulty levels can be the difference between keeping a player enthralled for weeks or having them lose interest almost straight away.

In order to keep the game interesting for our players, we have tried to ramp up the action more quickly than expected to the point that it can take a good hour of gameplay to get to a level where you can consistently control the movements of the bouncing ball. But at the same time, the learning curve is relatively steep; you improve every time you play, and every time the game reels you in a little more.

The other aspect of an addictive game can be the ratio of luck vs. skill. Games where luck plays too much of a role can be frustrating as gamers can’t really improve all that much from one day to the next. While you do improve gradually in Enclose, there are sessions where you just happen to have things go your way and you get lucky, which is another reason you keep coming back for more.
There are also multiple ways in terms of strategy to play Enclose. Generally you’ll want to trust your instincts and touch to keep as many of the outer pieces in play as possible. But some may find that focusing solely on two of the outer pieces, and ignoring the others can get you a better score.

We’ll let you find out the best strategy yourself… You can download Enclose on Google Play now so give it a go and let us know your top score!

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