16 Oct

JetFly- Tips to have longer flights!

JetFly – the latest addition by the Mascoteers is now in the Google Play Store and iTunes App Store with its fascinating background and adorable characters. However, everyone is struggling to ace the physics based game, as it is dependent on the distance from platform to platform, tapping time and duration. Here are some quick tips so that you can start flying the Jet.


  1. As usual play the game few times to know the game. What you need to notice specifically is that, the distance between the two platforms is the main factor. If the distance is greater, you have to tap for a long time. With the short time taps you can move forward slightly.
  2. Be on the rightest edge of the platform you are in. After you have moved forward to the edge, you can tap to jump to the next platform.
  3. If your platform is at a higher level compared to the next platform, wait till they are in same level, then jump.

jetfly-5 jetfly-4 jetfly-3

We hope you can have longer flights with our JetFly by using these tips! Furthermore, we really hope you have fun flights!

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