23 Jun

How to Play Seesaw – Basic Tips for Beginners

Who does not remember sitting on the sides of a seesaw and flying high in their childhood? To give you flashbacks of you sweetest days, The Mascoteers has launched their latest game – Seesaw. Who has seesawed in their childhood will definitely get the basic idea of our game. For those who did not get the chance to ride a seesaw, or forgot the basics of this game, we really hope you find this article useful.

The Basic Concept

Seesaw game play

As we mentioned earlier, this game will give you the experience of a real life seesaw. Just think of sitting on a seesaw, and while a character is falling, you have to tap and hold for a faster fall, so that the character on the other side can jump high and take the candy. After the candy is taken, again tap and hold, making it fall faster and thus the other side can fly higher. However, unlike the normal seesaw, there are many spikes above it, so, the player must think about the distance of the spikes from the candy at one side while tapping and holding on the other side to adjust the speed. It might take some time to take a grip on it, but once you master the game, it will be so hard to get out from the world of high jumps and hard falls.

Start the Game

Now let’s start! Tap the Play button to start the game. On the starting screen you will see a character falling. Before the character hits the floor of seesaw, tap and hold for 2 seconds. Congratulations! You have made the other character fly high and eat the candy. After the character had the candy, again tap, to save it from the spikes above, and hold to make it fall faster, so that the alternate character can jump high and have the candy, if possible the stars. Remember, without the candies the characters won’t survive. The game goes on like this, when a character is flying, TAP to stop the character to fly higher and HOLD to make it fall faster. The faster the fall on one side, the higher the jump on the other side. It’s that easy.



  1. When a character is falling down, consider the distance between the candy and the seesaw floor on the other side. If the distance is less then you should hold for a shorter time, as holding for a longer time could actually make it impossible to control the speed, and if the spikes are near they can get you killed.
  2. If you think trying to get the stars might get you killed for uncontrollable speed, for your first few games get the candies only. After getting comfortable with the game, take them all.
  3. Never tap and hold for too long or too short time. The game is very harmonic. Just try to get the rhythm and always be careful about the distance between spikes, candies and stars, and also about your speed.

Just follow the tips and trust us, you won’t be able stop being on our seesaw!

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