20 Jun

How to Play Tunnel – Basic Tips for Beginners

The Mascoteers has just released their new game and this time they are determined to take you through their colorful Tunnel. The 3D hallway of tunnel will definitely give you the feel of a real tunnel. Playing the game is very easy, as all you have to do is tap, tap, and tap!!

The Basic Concept


The basic idea of the game is to survive as long as possible while running down an infinite tunnel, but you have to save yourself from the different obstacles that appear in the path. There will also be various objects shooting towards you, sometimes your path will be narrower and you will have to play tactfully to dodge around and navigate. Just like the other ‘The Mascoteers’ games in this game also you will have the chance to collect coins along the path.

Start the Game

Now let’s start the game!! Tap the Play button, and you’re welcome to our flashy colorful Tunnel. A small white hand will be there for your first game play to guide you. Just follow the hand, and you are moving forward through the tunnel. You’ll see obstacles in your path. Just tap and hold when you want to rotate left, and release so that the ball automatically rotates right. It’s pretty fun and easy to make a balance of rotating to left and right.


  1. For the shooting objects you have to be very careful, because they appear all of a sudden. Therefore, being extra cautious is the key to long survival.
  2. If you attempt to save yourself from the obstacles and also attempt to grab the coins, you might get yourself killed. Save yourself first, then attempt for the coins.
  3. The hardest part of the game is probably the narrow paths. When you get spiral narrow path, tap and hold to get through the spiral. When you get e straight narrow path, don’t hold for too long, don’t release for too long, just keep on going by slight continuous tap and hold.

Good luck and hope you have a good time in our flashy tunnel!!

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Store download link:

iPhone / iPad : https://goo.gl/kp5RZO

Android : https://goo.gl/6VhJTv

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