17 Apr

How to Play Stairway – Basic Tips for Beginners

Stairway is a game of twists, turns and sharp angles. If you haven’t downloaded it yet, it’s available in Google Play and App Store for free! This article provides you a few details about playing the game; what to expect and how to get the best possible score you can. You might also find that you want to give it a try if you haven’t already after reading this article. While it’s a fairly simple game there are always ways to maximise your success. So read on…

Basic Concept

Stairway is based around the idea of a ball rolling down an infinite flight of stairs. Your job as the player is to keep it rolling for as long as you can, navigating it around various hazards, corners and spikes in the road. You make turns by tapping the screen and your timing in that regard determines how well the ball travels. The ball picks up speed as it moves down the stairway which makes keeping it on the track more difficult.

What to look out for

Obviously you want to keep an eye out on the corners, but it’s usually what’s directly beyond the corners that ends your game. We can say with confidence that you’re much more likely to hit a spike after a corner that you are to mistime your tap and fly off the course. So keep an eye out for hazards after turns.

You’ll also want to try to grab as many gemstones as you can, these will open up new and exciting ball colours and other things.

Things to remember

There are three tracks or lanes, if you will, that the ball can travel within. If there is a spike in the left for example, you want to be in the middle or right lane.


Basically, at what point you turn in the corner will determine which of the lanes you will end up in. There is a line in the middle of the staircase that provides a point of reference, making it easier to figure out which is the ideal lane to be in.

Once you’re got the basics down, Stairway is really about feel and intuition – something you’ll develop as you play more and more. Good luck and if you’re manage to get a good score make sure you let us know about it!

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