31 Aug

Quick Tips – How to Play Qubely!

Remember the zigzag style. If the cube was going right, after one or multiple jumps without stopping,
it will go left. Play a few times and get the rhythm.


2 of the traps:

Trap 1: Narrow Passage
To avoid falling, stop two steps behind the narrow passage for a moment. See direction and jump accordingly.

If the cube is going to the right side (Figure: Trap 1.1), you should jump once instantly. Now the cube will start going left. As soon as the cube gets aligned to the passage, start jumping without stopping until you cross it.

Trap 1.1

In case the ball was going left (Figure: Trap 1.2), wait till the the ball is aligned to the passage. Start jumping when it is aligned.

Trap 1.2

Trap 2: Narrow Sides
The challenge is similar to the one in narrow passage. You can stop at the last step behind where narrow side starts. As soon as it reaches the corner, keep tapping until you cross it.

Narrow Passage

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