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How to Play Enclose – The Basics

Enclose is the addictive new game from The Mascoteers crew that has become an instant classic within it’s first few weeks in the Google Play store! Set in a near identical environment to that of 360 Degree, the game introduces an entirely new concept in the familiar world, where the player must rotate an object in such a way that a ball remains inside it for as long as possible.


While this sounds pretty simple, in reality it’s anything but. In fact, Enclose is already being lauded as our most challenging release yet. Other games we have developed have eased gamers slowly into the experience, starting off super simple and building to become a real challenge as you progress. Enclose however gives you around 20 seconds of game time until you need to be concentrating closely to survive, catering for fans of 360 Degree who have already developed the basic skills. While this may not appease to new and especially young players, Enclose’s hyper challenging gameplay is part of what draws you in and keeps you coming back for more.

It also means that the learning curve is more flat; so you can use all the help you can get! This article might explains the basic concepts and give you a few tips on getting the best out of the experience.

Aim of the game

You are in control of a shape, which is made up of various outer plates or walls. Inside the shape, which could be a circle, square or hexagon, you have a ball bouncing around from wall to wall. Basically, your job is to keep the ball in play for as long as possible by tapping and holding either the left or right of the screen to rotate the shape in the chosen direction.

Main challenges

There are a few factors that make this difficult. For one, the outer plates are slowly moving away from each other, meaning you have growing gaps in the shape that the ball can easily slip through – and then it’s game over. As they further move apart, you need to be more accurate as you move the shape around – the margin of error becomes lower and lower.

In addition, the outer plates of the shape will eventually completely disappear unless you make sure the ball bounces of them regularly. When you see a flashing outer wall, you need to get the ball there as soon as you can. If you fail to do so, it flashes more rapidly until it disappears, and then you have a particularly large opening in your shape. This makes it very difficult to keep the ball in play going forward. The difficulty is that often multiple outer walls start flashing at once.

Unlocking new levels

As well as concentrating on all of this, there are jewels that will appear at various points in the middle of shape, which should be collected. As you collect more and more, you unlock new levels and get the fun going!


One word of warning is don’t prioritse going for jewels at the expense of getting to those flashing walls! If you’re doing well and can keep the game going, you’ll naturally run into your share of jewels and open up later levels before you know it.

Enclose is a game that probably needs to be played first hand to be fully understood, so if you haven’t yet download it for free now!

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