03 May

How to Play BlockZ – Basic Tips for Beginners

Okay, so you’ve downloaded our new game BlockZ but you’re having trouble getting the idea? No worries – in this article you’ll learn how to not only get the best possible score but also enjoy BlockZ more! While it may seem like it’s simply about matching up shapes, it quickly becomes a mental exercise of speed and concentration.

The concept

From the outset, BlockZ seems pretty simple – you just need to match various shapes  with their frames within the allocated time frame. In game sounds and visuals do their best to distract you from doing so, but beyond that it’s simple about sticking to this rule and not making any mistakes. Unfortunately it really isn’t that easy.

Practically speaking, you will match the shapes by swiping through various options and select the correct one by swiping it towards its frame before the time is up. After making a match, a new frame appears with a few more shapes to scroll through.

Start the game

It’s time to play! Tap the middle “Play button” to get into the action. On the next screen you’ll be able to practice with the tutorial and if you feel you’ve got the hang of it tap ‘OK’.

Now that you’re playing, you’ll need to take notice of the top middle half visible round portion, this is where the shapes appear that you need to match with the current frame. You will notice all the colours shapes are awaiting to be matched. Tapping will show more shapes that can be matched with the current frame. Pick the right one by single TAP and swipe it down. It’s that simple! Make sure you tap before clock progress bar reaches to end.


Things to consider

Try to memorise shapes that have appeared so that you don’t need to go back to rotate them.

Be aware of the fact that often the current shape will be next to a similar shape of the same colour – you may not see the difference if you take a only a quick glance.
One trick the game uses to try to trip you up is to put the right shape at the start of the line of shapes. Once you’ve scrolled past it, it’s very tricky to make it back around to the correct shape.

If you can keep these things in mind when playing BlockZ you’ll be a top scorer before you know it. Keep playing and let us know your progress! And of course, let us know  if you have any comments or feedback!

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