15 Nov

Simple Steps to play Block the ball

ABC of Block the Ball

Getting tough!!

Some useful tips to make it easier to play for starters:

  1. Tapping the paddle it will go left side, releasing the paddle it will go right side.
  2. Now control your paddle with the ball by tapping and releasing your finger.
  3. Control as much so that ball does not pass your paddle
  4. When the ball is dropping only then control your paddle it will help to block the ball frequently
  5. More blocks more points will stroke
  6. Collect Gems to unlock new level and balls
  7. Checkout for free coin-video in main screen to boost up your opportunity to buy ball or unlock levels

Key features:

  1. For a gamer own accountability – the game offers details of number of game played, total time spent on game-play, average score and total cumulative scores and best score so far played.
  2. For any break or related stuffs gamer can pause the game and resume from where they left.
  3. Game background will show different look each time when you start the game – so this new version will more fun!

Keep playing and trying to beat other top scored shared through leader board. Have a happy gaming!

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472 x 724 3  472 x 724 4

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