Guide a bouncing cube up a growing tower, avoiding hazards along the way.

Quebly is here! A new 3D puzzle-game, Quebly borrows from its predecessors (Stairway and Dropple), bringing in a number of new features that make it a long-lasting and more rewarding gaming experience.

Navigate the levels of a tower that is materializing and growing higher and higher. As small cube hops its way across the chaotic steps to the summit, you need to guide and direct it around missing tiles, holes and pitfalls by tapping the screen. A well-timed tap will send the cube in another direction (either left, right or straight) and the idea is to ensure it continues climbing for as long as possible.

The game moves fast and requires some level of planning ahead, giving players a wide view of the tower to just that. Quebly is one of the more visually impressive games in our catalogue, with sharp colourful graphics. You can check out Quebly today – it’s available for free! Just make sure you’re ready for an intense session of gaming that is equal parts challenging and rewarding.

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Quick Tips – How to Play Qubely!
Quick Tips – How to Play Qubely!
Remember the zigzag style. If the cube was going right, after one or multiple jumps without stopping, it will go left....
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