Lava Floor

Lava Floor

Don't touch the floor with lava

Your favorite The Mascoteers is introducing you the most addicting game Lava Floor! Get ready for this big challenging game and experience floor with lava.

Drive through a scary road enclosed with hot lava. This lane contains lots of obstacles and holes. You should be very careful while travelling through this road. Just keep in mind you cannot touch lava floor.

Tap on the screen so that you can flip your position, as the path is very crisscrossed. So you will not tumble from the street and can run over the road without falling or colliding with enemies. However, your movement will be very fast, so it will be very hard to keep yourself from burning

Concentration and timing are the name of the game, as you experience running over a road surrounded by hot lava. Keep an eye out for rubies scattered around the route as you can use them to buy new and improved characters.

Download Lava Floor free for your smartphone today and experience an adventurous trip where the floor is lava.

gameplay screenshots

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