Basketball Retro

Basketball Retro

It’s time for you to shoot the ball right and win some exciting tournaments!

Show off your handles and shooting digs in Basketball Retro as you go up against the opposition in pick-up style hoops. With a pumping soundtrack and beautiful old school graphics, this arcade game appeals to young and old, combing concentration, timing and finesse to get a top score.

Work the angles as you try to move your defender out of position and get off as many shots as you can as quickly as possible! It’s all in the swipe, so make sure you guide those shots with precision to make them count while avoiding your opponents’ outstretched hands. You’ll have to deal with as many as three defenders at a time, so there’s not much room for error in the later stages.

So what are you waiting for? Lace up your kicks and hit the hardwood now! Download Basketball Retro for free today.

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