24 Apr

Dropple Demonstrates The Mascoteers’ Willingness to Improve Existing Ideas

Dropple is one of the newest games developed by our team, here at The Mascoteers. After coming up with more than 25 original new apps over the past 6 months, we decided to innovate or build something new upon our existing ideas.

Last month, we dropped a simple but somewhat charming app called Stairway, which had players navigate a small ball as it rolled its way down a long, spiralling staircase. To be successful, the player has to move the ball around various obstacles, take sharp corners as smoothly as possible and avoid falling off the structure altogether.

Early plays of Dropple indicate that it is the superior game, despite the fact that it owes its existence to its spiritual predecessor. The concept is more or less the same, however this time the player is building the staircase as the ball bounces its way down. Basically, you need to tap to place the next step in the perfect position given the movements of the bouncing ball.

This adds a separate element to the gameplay, where the player is actively involved the entire time and precision and speed are both required. It´s also significantly more challenging – the player has more to do and more mistakes can be made, particularly when the ball starts bouncing faster.

We used the same move earlier this year by reloading our most successful app so far-360 Degree. . In much the same way, the overall concept and graphics engine was taken and the gameplay was tweaked ever so slightly to create our new game Enclose, where instead of  dodging a ball around obstacles inside a circular shape, you have to keep the ball inside the shape itself, while the opening appeared and grew bigger and bigger.

The key fact is that we as a team have been able to improve our ideas in both cases, making the development of these games well worthwhile since the fans of the original are more likely to download the revised version of the app.

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