19 Jan

Dotzy – Tips and Tricks to complete the Levels!

Dotzy – the latest addition to The Mascoteers’ collection is a match and place game. It’s a movement-based game that demands all your attention and smart strategies. We have some tips for you – you can surely reach the highest levels following them.

dotzy-3        2

Few Basic Tips To Follow:

  1. The first few levels are quite easy and playing the tutorial few times is enough to pass those levels
  2. Be careful about the time but first find out the shortest path to reach those targets. Do not waste time wandering around the walls.
  3. The difficulty increases with the levels, so you have to be faster with increasing levels. Think fast and move faster
  4. If you tap on one point for a longer time, it will move fast. As there is a time binding in this game, you can use this tip to move faster.
  5. While crossing narrow path, tap faster, don’t hold the tap for a longer time. Thus, you will be able to cross the narrow path easily.
  6. Collect the timers to extend your time limit. However, if the timer is on the opposite side of the bar and it is possible to finish the level without extending time, just skip getting the timer. If the timer is on your route, do not even think of skipping it.


That’s all you need to play the game better and keep your fingers stuck for hours . Therefore,  just follow these and play the style you are most comfortable in and complete all the levels!

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