17 Jan

Circlify – A truly hypnotic game

If you haven’t heard about or played the latest Mascoteers’ release, you’re in for a treat! Much like our previous titles, which have made it difficult for many gamers to put their phones down, Circlify throws you into a complex, colourful world where perfect timing and cool under pressure will determine how good a score you can get.

In Circlify you are essentially escaping a digital labyrinth that is ever changing, growing and evolving around you. As you take longer to make decisions and miss opportunities, the maze increases in size, reducing your visibility and making it harder to escape to the walls beyond.




Sounds tricky doesn’t it? Well it is, on the first few tries at least. The difficulties are compounded by the hypnotic, atheistic and therefore distracting nature of the moving maze itself. As your flashlight rotates around the inner circle of the maze, the walls of the maze move at different speeds, creating a kaleidoscope-esque effect that may cause you to lose your focus. There are circles within circles, all of which are circling. No prizes for guessing how we came up with the name!

A possible comparison is the Reignac-sur-Indre in Touraine, France a circular plant maze that covers an astounding 10 acres of land, truly something that has to be seen to believed. You might notice that viewing it from above seems to somehow relax the mind.

Now imagine that a digital version of this maze that circles and bends around itself, with walls of different colours with a deep black background. You can imagine why you might describe it as hypnotic right?

But don’t just take our word for it. Download the new app Circlify today and experience what may be the most addictive app release in early 2016!

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