13 Oct

How to Play 360 Degree – Basic Tips & Tricks

So you have downloaded 360 Degree for your android or IPhone/IPad and having difficulty for a head start? Today we’ve got some basic tips and tricks to help you start the game: How to Play: 1. Tap left or right to rotate the circle to avoid spikes and collect the diamonds. 2. Collect

22 Sep

360 Degree – Some Handy Tips & Tricks to score couple of hundreds!

If you are reading this, then I’m assuming that you’ve already downloaded the game either from Google Play or IOS App store that’s compatible with your handy smartphone. Even if you haven’t downloaded the game yet then I should give you a short description.

10 Sep

Whirling 360 Degree Spiky Surprise

Within a short tenure the newly launched 360 Degree has become the talk of the ‘free-to-play” android gaming market. With such simple and intuitive functionality, it yet has managed to rise above many sophisticated and well reputed android games.

01 Sep

A Successful Launch of the Game 360 Degree by The Mascoteers

Melbourne based game developer The Mascoteers is proud to announce the worldwide debut of their game 360 Degree, now available for download via the Google Play™ store and the iOS® App store.

22 Aug

Mascoteers Successfully Launched 360 Degree – A Challenging & Addictive Game

360 Degree has quickly gained popularity on both the Apple App store and Google Play, having been downloaded by almost 1 million people in just a month, getting people hooked to this addictive mobile arcade game all over the world.