26 Nov

Swiperoo – Necessary instruction to be a top scorer !

An amenity to our users Below information will make you more familiar about Swiperoo & its features Swiperoo is all about controlling the time and swipe. You can say it’s a win over time game. Basic Concept is you have to swipe the cube to up, down, left and right to rotate and flip the

20 Nov

Basic ideas to play Swiperoo

Just 2 plain and simple rules. Rule 1: Swipe toward a direction where no arrow is pointing. Rule 2: Do not swipe at all in cases there is no direction where no arrow is pointing.     And a couple of traps. Trap 1: There is no arrow at the left side – but the game is over when y

08 Nov

The Mascoteers latest release Swiperoo make its mark

Recently made available on Google Play, Swiperoo is the latest recent from the Australian development group that brought us the highly touted and all around success 360 Degree. Swiperoo is built according to a similar formula, in that it takes a safe and arguably unoriginal concept and makes it work by producing a curiously entertaining game worthy of repeat plays.

06 Nov

A high-flying release of Block The Ball by The Mascoteers

Recently released to Google Play (still waiting on approval from Apple), Block the Ball is more or less summed up in its title. Australian developers The Mascoteers have delivered a new-take on the golden oldie that we all know and love – Table Tennis 3D, which had us move a line up and down to stop

01 Nov

Swiperoo released by The Mascoteers – A 3D visual, fast paced addictive game

A new, rather challenging game available to Android users, Swiperoo utilises the swiping feature of your smart phone in a fast-moving environment that has the player navigating a cube around the screen and trying to collect as many coins as possible in the process.