21 Jan

Circlify – Tips and tricks to help you get a top score!

This article is going to discuss some key strategies on how to succeed playing our newest app – Circlify. If you haven’t yet played Circify, but need information about the goal of the game and basic information, we’d suggest checking out our tips for beginners. If you’re familiar with the co

20 Jan

How to play Circlify – The Basics

Our new arcarde-style app Circify is now available on Google Play and the App Store and if you haven’t checked it out yet, we invite you to do so. With high replay value and maddeningly addictive gameplay, its one that is sure to challenge you physically and emotionally if you want to achieve a

17 Jan

Circlify – A truly hypnotic game

If you haven’t heard about or played the latest Mascoteers’ release, you’re in for a treat! Much like our previous titles, which have made it difficult for many gamers to put their phones down, Circlify throws you into a complex, colourful world where perfect timing and cool under pr