17 Nov

Block the Ball- Few Strategies of playing and scoring high!!!!

It’s our pleasure having you here, you might downloaded this game “Block the Ball” already or planning to do so. Anyway for both users we are illustrating some useful content about this game. Here we are laying out a small brief about Block the ball, its features and some tips to be a pro

15 Nov

Simple Steps to play Block the ball

ABC of Block the Ball Getting tough!! Some useful tips to make it easier to play for starters: Tapping the paddle it will go left side, releasing the paddle it will go right side. Now control your paddle with the ball by tapping and releasing your finger. Control as much so that ball d

01 Nov

The Mascoteers releases Block The Ball – A classic arcade based on reaction time and reflexes

Block the Ball is the most recent release from developer The Mascoteers, the team that brought us the highly-praised and widely downloaded 360 Degree. This is a company that has found its niche in developing addictive physics-based games that require equal parts quick reflexes, patience and finesse. Block the Ball is no different.