05 Mar

Bumble Up – Tips and Tricks

Bumble Up – the new game by The Mascoteers in town. At first look, the game might seem to have similarities with Dropple and Stairway, but the game  is quite different from those. Clearly, the stairs are static and continuously building itself upward, there is nothing much to build the stairway. Therefore, the challenge in the game is not to build the way, but saving the character from the obstacles that are running downwards.

We have few tips here for the ones struggling to bumble up!


  1. Climb the long staircase by tapping on the screen. Swipe left to move left and swipe right to move right. The main goal is to avoid the unpredictable obstacles. Therefore, focus on the obstacles, not on the stairs.
  2. Though the main focus should be on the obstacles, be aware of reaching the dead end of the stairs on both sides. Always maintain a safe distance from the sides of the stairs as there are no railing to save the character. However, a cheat is to always be on extreme corners of the stairs, because not many obstacles uses the corners as a route.
  3. Play a couple of times to get the idea of the obstacles, then you can make plans in your mind about dealing with them.
  4. Collect the shields to get advantage, take the revivals and everything the game is offering. All these will help you achieve a better score eventually.
  5. Take it easy! It’s just a game! Getting on your nerves, or being scared of the unknown obstacles will only make the game harder for you. Have fun, play for fun and you will definitely do well!


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