19 Jan

Dotzy – Tips and Tricks to complete the Levels!

Dotzy – the latest addition to The Mascoteers’ collection is a match and place game. It’s a movement-based game that demands all your attention and smart strategies. We have some tips for you – you can surely reach the highest levels following them.

22 Dec

Carpenter – Tips and Tricks

Carpenter the last game from the Mascoteers this year has just hit the app stores and the game is ultra-fun. However, the game might give the players a hard time as it is slightly harder to ace.

We are giving you some tips here to get a grip on this game!

12 Dec

Boo Wee – Tips and Tricks!

Jump your way up with Boo Wee – the latest creation of The Mascoteers. The game might seem pretty straightforward but mastering it is not that easy. However, some suggestion might help you to make a good score and get the whole fun out of it!

07 Dec

How to be the best Mad Header!

It’s time for you to shake your head! The Mascoteers brought a new addition to their pool of entertainment- Madhead. It is a game with lots of character, jersey and balls where you just have to tap on time to head score your best!