17 Nov

Block the Ball- Few Strategies of playing and scoring high!!!!

It’s our pleasure having you here, you might downloaded this game “Block the Ball” already or planning to do so. Anyway for both users we are illustrating some useful content about this game.

Here we are laying out a small brief about Block the ball, its features and some tips to be a pro

Block the Ball is a game of your fingertips control. A paddle is there which will protect the ball from falling down. Paddle will be controlled by your finger. And by tapping and releasing the paddle you have to prevent the ball to pass the paddle. If the ball passes your paddle game will be over. You need to start again.

There are some disguised tricks by which you can earn lot of points as well as gems. These points and gems will help you to make a top-notch score and lead you to the top of the game’s leaderboards. Moreover you can challenge your friends with your score through social networking sites like Facebook, twitter, google plus and Instagram.

Tips you would love about “Block the Ball”

  • Be in the game as long as you can and try to take control of the paddle. Our experience shows by playing 5-10 rounds you can easily cope up with the pace between the ball and paddle.
  • Don’t make any sort of dodge move, always plan your next move after blocking the ball once. Dodge moves could take the ball away from your paddle.
  • Always focus on your ball and paddle and never scramble to collect the gems, remember gems will be falling continuously and randomly so wait for the right time and then go for the gems. For attempting gems you might lose the game.
  • Once you are scoring high the pace of the ball will gradually increase so be vigilant and focused.
  • In the course of high score manage your paddle moving speed because ball will move quickly and nimbly. As a result you have to estimate the timing of your tapping to block the ball.

Install the game, comprehend these steps above thus it will guide you to achieve a high score. Block the Ball is a very enjoyable game when you start to throw challenges to your friends and family with the highest score you have achieved.


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