06 Nov

A high-flying release of Block The Ball by The Mascoteers

Recently released to Google Play (still waiting on approval from Apple), Block the Ball is more or less summed up in its title. Australian developers The Mascoteers have delivered a new-take on the golden oldie that we all know and love – Table Tennis 3D, which had us move a line up and down to stop a ball going into our goal, while also trying to score on the other end against the computer or a friend.




In this release, the concept has been tweaked and updated somewhat, while still retaining that charm that made the original such a hit. With a new modern layout and faster, more sensitive touchscreen controls, Block the Ball makes it our job to stop a ball going past the boundaries of the map, without the offensive component.

One of our main reasons we want to keep the ball in play in the presence of gems, which create an interesting dynamic. Rather than looking to bounce the ball off the line and into the goal on the other side, we need to aim for gems around the map, without hitting it at such an angle that it hits the boundary on the other side.






While relatively simple, there’s no doubt that Block the Ball will please the majority of gamers after an easy to pick up physics based challenge that won’t make your head hurt.

Block the Ball offers gamers plenty to challenge them and it’s the perfect kind of app to pull out while waiting for your train to arrive just because it’s there, the simplicity is part of what makes it so playable without requiring a large investment on the part of the player.

Overall, Block the Ball give enough and is worth trying out (currently for free)

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